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SelectC1502Incels are disproprotionately non whiteTable 10True#physiology; #race; #sexualAttractiveness; #sexualityS1174TrueLevels of Well-Being Among Men Who Are Incel (Involuntarily Celibate)Academic JournalCostello et al2022Evolutionary Psychological Science
SelectC1501"In this article I’m going to explain why I think there are almost no people remaining (in the West) who are really Christians. Instead, I’ll suggest that nearly all people who call themselves Christians are people who have convinced themselves to think they are Christians despite the fact that, even given their own understanding of their religion, they are not." True#Catholics; #Christianity; #demographics; #politicalViews; #Protestants; #religion; #USAS1173TrueModern Christianity As Self DeceptionBlogLast, Sean2023Ideas and Data (Substack)
SelectC1500"Same-gender sexual orientation is significantly associated with each of the suicidality measures... After adjustment for substance abuse and depressive symptoms (other than suicidality), all of the suicidality measures remain significantly associated with same-gender sexual orientation except 'for wanting to die'" True#gays; #homosexuals; #lesbians; #suicideS1170TrueSexual orientation and suicidality: a co-twin control study in adult menAcademic JournalHerrell et al1999Archives of General Psychiatry
SelectC1499A 2010 study in Sweden (regarding the years 2005-2006) stated that it was the largest study done and truly population based. It found a heritability [of homosexuality] of 34%-39% for men and 18%-19% for women.Sweden has a very homogeneous environment regarding homosexuality, which may have caused the heritability figures to be higher than in other places.True#gays; #gender; #genetics; #homosexuals; #lesbians; #men; #sexuality; #WomenS1165TrueGenetic and environmental effects on same-sex sexual behavior: a population study of twins in SwedenAcademic JournalNiklas Långström, Qazi Rahman, Eva Carlström, Paul Lichtenstein2010Archives of Sexual Behavior
SelectC1498"The mean genetic percentages [contributing to homosexuality] for men and women are 22 and 33% respectively and are not significantly different statistically. They are almost certainly maxima, likely to halve with further research." True#gays; #genetics; #homosexuals; #lesbiansS1164TrueAttraction is Mostly a Unique Reaction to Environmental FactorsAcademic JournalWhitehead, N.E.2011Journal of Human Sexuality
SelectC1497"Thirty-eight pairs of monozygotic twins (34 male pairs and 4 female pairs) were found to have a concordance rate of 65.8% for homosexual orientation. Twenty-three pairs of dizygotic twins were found to have a concordance rate of 30.4% for homosexual orientation... These findings are interpreted as supporting the argument for a biological basis in sexual orientation." True#genetics; #homosexuals; #psychology; #twinStudiesS1162TrueHomosexual orientation in twins: a report on 61 pairs and three triplet setsAcademic JournalF L Whitam, M Diamond, J Martin1993Archives of Sexual Behavior
SelectC1496The WHO removed Transgenderism ("gender identity disorder") as a mental disorder as recently as 2019 True#psychology; #sexuality; #transsexualsS1161TrueTransgender no longer recognised as 'disorder' by WHO BBC2019BBC
SelectC1495"NSCH 2016–2019 data indicated that ADHD (9.8%) and anxiety (9.4%) were the most common mental disorders among U.S. children and adolescents aged 3–17 years; NHIS 2017–2018 data indicated an estimate of 9.6% for ADHD." True#MentalHealth; #Personality; #psychology; #USAS1159TrueMental Health Surveillance Among Children — United States, 2013–2019Other Institutional PublicationBitsko et al2022Center for Disease Control and Prevention
SelectC1494LGBT adolescents are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and have suicidal tendencies compared to non-LGBT peers True#crime; #drugAbuse; #gays; #homosexuals; #lesbians; #psychology; #sexuality; #suicide; #transsexualsS1158TrueThe association between health risk behaviors and sexual orientation among a school-based sample of adolescentsAcademic JournalR Garofalo, R C Wolf, S Kessel, S J Palfrey, R H DuRant1998Pediatrics
SelectC1493"Overall, GLB respondents engaged disproportionately in multiple risk behaviors, reporting an increased mean number of risk behaviors (mean = 6.81 +/- 4.49) compared with the overall student population (mean = 3.45 +/- 3.15)." True#crime; #drugAbuse; #gays; #homosexuals; #lesbians; #psychology; #sexuality; #suicide; #transsexualsS1158TrueThe association between health risk behaviors and sexual orientation among a school-based sample of adolescentsAcademic JournalR Garofalo, R C Wolf, S Kessel, S J Palfrey, R H DuRant1998Pediatrics
SelectC1492"GLB [LGBT] youth who self-identify during high school report disproportionate risk for a variety of health risk and problem behaviors, including suicide, victimization, sexual risk behaviors, and multiple substance use. In addition, these youth are more likely to report engaging in multiple risk behaviors and initiating risk behaviors at an earlier age than are their peers." True#crime; #drugAbuse; #gays; #homosexuals; #lesbians; #psychology; #sexuality; #suicide; #transsexualsS1158TrueThe association between health risk behaviors and sexual orientation among a school-based sample of adolescentsAcademic JournalR Garofalo, R C Wolf, S Kessel, S J Palfrey, R H DuRant1998Pediatrics
SelectC1491The suicide attempt rate among transgender persons ranges from 32% to 50% across countries. True#sexuality; #suicide; #transsexualsS1156TrueSuicide and Suicidal Behavior among Transgender PersonsAcademic JournalH. G. Virupaksha, Daliboyina Muralidhar, and Jayashree Ramakrishna2016Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine
SelectC1490The United States broke all previous records for mass shootings in 2021. None of the attacks had a white racial or terroristic motive. True#crime; #race; #terrorism; #WhitePrivilegeS1150TrueAmerica Saw A Record 691 Mass Shootings In 2021, 0 Attacks By "White Supremacists"News ArticleStriker, Eric2022National Justice
SelectC1489Attorney General Merrick B. Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas told senators on Wednesday that the greatest domestic threat facing the United States came from what they both called “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.” “Specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race,” Mr. Garland told the Senate Appropriations Committee. True#Jews; #PoliticalSuppression; #politics; #race; #terrorism; #USA; #WhitePrivilege; #whitesS1143TrueTop law enforcement officials say the biggest domestic terror threat comes from white supremacists.News ArticleEileen Sullivan and Katie Benner2021New York Times
SelectC1488Canada. Survey on support for terrorism among Muslims: Al Qaeda is rejected by 65% (295), partially supported or tolerated by 34% (154), and fully supported by 1% (4). The Muslim Brotherhood is supported by 87% (395).  True#diversity; #immigration; #Islam; #multiculturalism; #Muslims; #religion; #terrorismS1141TrueWhat do Muslim Canadians want?Independent Research PublicationChristian Leuprecht and Conrad Winn2011The Macdonald-Laurier Institute